Róisín The Roof

Róisín Murphy’s new single, You Know Me Better, is coming out soon, and what better to do than celebrate its release? OKAY, YOU CAUGHT ME. FINE. So I wasn’t a Róisín fan until just today. You there in the back, put down the pitchfork and allow me to explain myself.

I was really lukewarm about Ruby Blue, her debut in 2005, except for that “Night of the Dancing Flame” and “Ramalama (Bang Bang).” When I heard “Overpowered,” I felt like it was lightly disco-tinged Ruby Blue reject with a fading glimmer of promise. Then I heard “Let Me Know,” and I said “Well alright, she’s getting a little fancy here. Whatever. I fear change, and I’m too different to give in now.” Finally, I saw the photoshoot clip on PopJustice of her newest single, and I went, “…Oh, goddamn it. I give in.” How was I supposed to know she was going to get all “electro for the intellectuals” on me? In all seriousness, it’s really sublime what she’s done, so much better than I gave her credit for. I’m really excited to convert into a fan, mainly because she wears silly hats. Also, she has accented letters in her name like Björk, making me look very cultured. Now expect a full album review later on this week. Now watch a live performance of her upcoming single, “You Know Me Better.” It’s a shame, really. The costume designer simply gave her NO shoulders.

Michael, I apologize for not listening. Forgive me.
And you, what do you think?

A Speck of Decency

A Speck of Decency

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