RuPaul and La Toya Jackson: A match made in Drag Race heaven, no?

For the deluxe edition of Ru’s excellent new album Born Naked, out today (I’m still twerking to “Freaky Money” and strutting my stuff to “Sissy That Walk” on the daily, for the record), Queen Toy and the one and only Supermodel Of The World have at long last released their long awaited, hotly anticipated duet: “Feel Like Dancin’.”

Suffice it to say, the tag-team effort is a cute, campy disco dream: The Glamazon is serving up some serious sass on the dance floor, and gigglebox La Toya is tossing it right back. “Got a problem? Then tell ’em, RuPaul…” La Toya commands. “Y’all can kiss my ass!” Ru responds. These two just want to dance, and they don’t give a doot about anyone trying to say boo boo to that.

It’s only a 2:46 production, but fear not — there are not one, but four versions of the song on the deluxe edition.

The Jackson Family’s certainly been making waves in the industry lately. We’ve been blessed with new La Toya — even new Michael! Uh, now paging Miss Janet

“Do you wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna, do you wanna doot doot doot?


‘Born Naked (Deluxe Edition)’ on was released on May 5. (iTunes)