Earlier this month, Pop’s Most In-Demand Songwriter Sia unveiled her video for “Chandelier“, which finds Dance Moms‘ mini-diva Maddie Ziegler pulling shapes and dancing out her demons in the most captivatingly demented of ways inside of a bleak home.

To bring the song to life live for the first time on The Ellen Show this morning, Sia decided to recreate the video — in real time.

And so, in keeping with the general DON’T LOOK AT ME non-fame aspect of the 1,000 Forms Of Fear campaign, Sia kept her back to the camera for the entire performance, standing in a dark corner (Blair Witch style) while a bewigged Maddie danced, trashed and twirled around the set. Sia’s voice also broke a whole bunch of times while yelping that off-the-walls chorus, which only added to the rawness of the track.

Not only did the set perfectly capture the video’s gloomy confines, but the tortured choreography was utterly spot on as well. Brava, Maddie and Sia!

And that is how you bring something different to the table in the world of pop.

“Chandelier” was released on March 17. (iTunes)