As Sia or I could tell you, there are many forms of fear — the fear of swinging too hard from the chandeliers, the fear of spiders, the fear of not finding a boyfriend even though your OKCupid profile is on point and you’ve been going to the gym and your mom says you’re very handsome so like what even is the problem — err, and the fear of needles.

“Eye Of The Needle” is the latest offering off of 1000 Forms Of Fear, the forthcoming record from Pop’s Most Sought-After Songwriter©. And, in usual Sia fashion, it’s an emotional sledgehammer. (And no, not of the Miley variety.)

Led by a marching beat and a solemn piano melody, Sia soldiers on with all her might on the Chris Braide co-penned track while threading (heh) her vulnerable tale: “Step and repeat/Tears fall to the beat/Smile through the pain,” she reminds herself. But hold steady, ’cause the chorus is a soaring melody of massive proportions…WHOA-OH-OOH-oh-OOH-oh-OOH-oh!

Like Aurora in Maleficent (and/or Sleeping Beauty), Sia must be kept away from all spindles.

“I am blinded…by the eye of the NEED-AH-AHHHH-AHHHHH-AHHHH!

‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ will be released on July 8. (iTunes)