Waiting for a change? Fear not: Mapei is ready to lead the revolution.

The Stockholm-bred, Providence-born singer first debuted ‘on the scene’ in 2009 with an EP called The Cocoa Butter Diaries — as a rapper.

Years later, having hit some “artistic stagnation,” she traveled to several countries including Brazil, from which she drew inspiration (and, presumably, RTed for Brazil) to go back to Sweden and record with Magnus Lidehall, of Sky Ferreira‘s “One” and Brit Brit‘s “How I Roll” and “Trip To Your Heart.”

‘Twas a wise move, indeed: She made waves across the blogosphere nearly a year ago with her re-debut single “Don’t Wait,” a finger-snapping, drum-beating slice of spectacular, slinky soul-pop — utterly perfect in the way all Swedish things so often are.

Even now, the song’s still making the rounds: In fact, “Don’t Wait” only just made its debut on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart in May thanks to a round of major remixes, including one from the Godfather Of House himself, Frankie Knuckles, who put his own legendary touch on the track. The thumping mix is a complete sonic reinvention, full of warm ‘n feel-good vibrations meant for posh lounges and chic, classy affairs. (I’m not familiar with those.)

And now, at last, Mapei’s returned this month with “Change,” the highly anticipated follow-up to “Don’t Wait.”

Unlike the more sparse production of “Don’t Wait,” “Change” is a mighty rallying cry, and a solid burst of energy from a pop star about to, well, pop: “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, my brother/A little love is all it takes/Don’t you worry ’bout a thing, my sister/We’re all waiting for a change!” Mapei declares above marching drums, heavy piano chords and twinkling synths, recalling Miike Snow. With just a bit of that rap flavor thrown in after the chorus, Mapei’s also successfully merged her past sound with her present — and the future sounds quite promising.

Mapei’s debut album HEY HEY, which she describes as “feel-good, fluffy, girly, tropical and dope” (literally all good things), will drop in September via Downtown Records.

“Change” was released on June 10. (iTunes)

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