“Mother & Father”: Broods Delivers An Emotional Punch In The Face

Broods. Broods. BROODS.

Ever since the premiere of the New Zealand brother-sister duo’s gloomy “Bridges” late last year, the two have only continued to impress, from “Never Gone Change” all the way up to their eponymous debut EP — which also just happened to be the first brilliant EP of 2014.

And now, they’ve really gone and done it.

“Mother & Father” — presumably once again helmed by their EP collaborator, Lorde producer Joel Little — is the first taste of what’s to come from the duo’s upcoming major label LP Evergreen, and…oof.

Seemingly inspired by their first time out on the road touring the world, the semi-optimistic, semi-heartbreaking meditation on life sees the young twosome marching toward the future with uncertainty while looking back and recalling simpler times.

“Ever since I left my mother, it’s much harder to know how to make my own life here, how to make my own home,” Georgia gently sings across pounding drums and moody synthesizers, bringing shades of Chvrches, Lorde and early, worldweary Ellie Goulding to mind. (Think “Wish I Stayed.”)

And then, there’s that sublime chorus, a rallying cry for the disenchanted: “I don’t wake up lonely. I don’t want to just be fine. I don’t want to keep on hoping, forget what I had in mind.” Gulp. Holy FUCK, Broods.

It’s so very gorgeous. It’s so very devastating. It’s a massive emotional punch in the face, but it feels like a kiss — just as Lana likes it.

I just…




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