We’ve had the great pleasure of hearing almost half of BANKS‘ upcoming debut Goddess now: From the brilliant offerings on the LONDON EP to “Brain” to “Drowning” — and they’re all killer. There’s simply not a single dud in the set. Not a one!

The brooding chanteuse just dropped yet another cut from the collection called “Beggin For Thread,” and this one is certainly no exception.

Crafted alongside Jesse Rogg (of Sam Sparro‘s “Black & Gold”) & Tim Anderson, the track is as sultry and vaguely menacing as the rest of what we’ve already heard, but with a more uptempo — dare I say, radio-friendly — sound than BANKS’ usual slinky affair.

“Sometimes I don’t got a filter, but I’m so tired of eating all of my misspoken words,” she warns before launching into an utterly heaven-sent cry. (“Whyyyyy?“) And then, in comes arguably her most immediate chorus to date: “Still down and out, you got me beggin’ for thread to sew this hole up that you ripped in my head,” she angrily quivers. Can someone get this woman to a seamstress, stat?

But seriously, this is something sublime. BANKS has already established her moody downtempo aesthetic, so it’s nice to finally hear what she can do with a more “accessible” beat.

There’s no doubt about it: Goddess is coming for the crown in 2014.

“Beggin’ For Thread” was released on July 22. (iTunes)