Nothing is more personal — or American! — than Godney‘s eighth studio album Britney Jean, which is why it’s quite thrilling to hear something even more personal (raw) from the sessions.

Constant B-Girl remixers Country Club Martini Crew and Nick* — who also provided us with acoustic mixes of BJ‘s “Passenger” and “Alien” in the past — have just turned the 4th of July into Britmas with this very, very special Acousticney remix of “Hold On Tight,” a standout Britney Jean deluxe edition track — and one of the best songs on the whole album.

Complimented by just a simple guitar strum, B-Girl goes totally Unpluggedney on the Britney-era sounding ode to a mysterious Him (Jesus? David Lucado?); her sweeter-than-sweet-tea vocals sounding even stronger (REFERENCE) on this stripped mix. That bridge! Praise her Spearitual light.

It’s time now to celebrate America’s greatest treasure: Whip up a nice bowl of cheesy grits, light some vanilla candles, get cozy and hold on tight with Brit Brit.

‘Britney Jean’ was released on December 3. (iTunes)