Stay strong, be brave and hang tight to your Koons balls, Little Monsters: Lady Gaga‘s Cheek To Cheek, the ARTPOP diva’s fanciful foray into jazz with the legendary Mr. Tony Bennett, starts tonight — beginning with the duo’s festive 2-minute take on Cole Porter‘s “Anything Goes.”

“In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked down as something shocking/Now, heaven knows!” the Aphrodite Lady Seashell Bikini Garden Panty “Venus” chanteuse dramatically croons across the lively horn-filled accompaniment, with Mr. Bennett joining in thereafter.

From projectile paint vomit scissoring on top of a mechanical bull at SXSW to a sassy-as-you-please old-timey ditty with a classic crooner — oh, that shape-shifting ChameleonGaga!

“I’m familiar with all the songs in the Great American Songbook [of course she is], but we thought that this song was so much fun and we love singing it together. It’s got this real sexy, powerful vibe to it, and it’s just because we’re having fun singing it,” Gagaloo says of the premiere duet off their upcoming album, according to GagaDaily.

Sexy. Powerful. Tony Bennett. Are you moist yet?

While the track likely won’t be blazing up the Billboard Hot 100 anytime soon as, say, “Poker Face” or “The Edge Of Glory,” it will no doubt be a surefire smash among the residents at the Temple Beth Israel Assisted Living Center. SLAY, MAMA!

“Anything Goes” was released on July 29. (iTunes)