Pretty hurts. Someone once said that, I think. But you know what hurts even more? Ugly.

The G.R.L. G.R.L.S. know a thing or two about all that, which is why they’ve done “Ugly Heart” — an ode to an oh-so-pretty boy with an ugly heart. And what better way to get back at him than with some permanent damage to his face?

Approximately 20 million years after debuting the single, the Robin Antin-curated girl group has supplying their strumming, stomping Cirkut and Dr. Luke-helmed kiss-off anthem with an appropriately feisty visual, courtesy of Brit Brit‘s “I Wanna Go” director, Chris Marrs Piliero.

The girls have been caught red-handed inside a tattoo parlor after doing some — erm, defacing, cuffed and thrown into the back of cop cars and carted off to jail. This, unfortunately, does not lead to a Orange Is The New Black crossover.

In an ideal world, Paula would immediately make Piper her bitch, Lauren would find herself indoctrinated by Pennsatucky and become insanely religious, Natasha and Lorna would cry over imaginary boyfriends, Emmalyn would bond with Dayanara about the difficulty in maintaining ombre hair in jail and Simone would beat up Vee.

But back to G.R.L. IRL: The girls are looking fierce and fly in the video, and the fashion, sass and hair-flippage is totally on par with what The Next Hot Girl Group should be bringing to the table. That being said, for a Robin Antin production, these girls should be splitting and high-kicking their way through the song: We only get a true dance break toward the very end — although the chair-to-desk moment inside the police station gets some major points in my book. Still, I’m dying for a “When I Grow Up” dance breakdown.

All around, a pretty work of art dedicated to an ugly heart. Good going, G.R.L.S!

“Ugly Heart” was released on June 3. (iTunes)