The Early Noughties Queens Of Pop have seemingly heard our (my) cries at night.

First, Rachel Stevens covers FHM like that’s just a normal thing to do in 2014.

Now, there’s this: Holly Valance — err, Holly Candy, “Kiss Kiss” Aussie pop goddess and Dead Or Alive starlet, has decided to “go cut a track” in LA with Andy Clockwise. You know, just a casual hop on over to the studio. She literally ended her music career over a decade ago — and now she just did a surprise song out of nowhere. WHAT?

No one was prepared. She basically did a Beyoncé.

“Andy Clockwise is basically a living legend in the LA gig/party/dj/ scene. We’ve known each other for many years & so far only talked about working together. The stars aligned & he asked me to feature with him on his new single “Hopeless” -which he played me a while back & I fell in love with! Out July 15th on iTunes, it’s one of the catchiest, coolest tracks to drop right now! I love it! I hope you guys to do too! Download!!!!!!!!!” she emphatically urged on her official website.

The vaguely New Wave-y synth-pop production is largely dominated by Mr. Clockwise himself (selfish), but then, in she comes sweetly on the chorus: “Put your hands in my car, Andy/Put your life in a jar, ’cause maybe,” she sweetly coos. (Is that what she’s actually singing? I have no idea, but it is lovely sounding.)

While the song is no “Down Boy,” it’s entirely thrilling to hear Holly singing to us again in 2014. Could this mean there’s more to come? All hope has not been lost, after all!