MuuTunes: The MuuMuse Approved Tracks For The Week Of July 31, 2014

How is it already August? Why is it already August? I don’t know, but that’s the situation at hand.

Today’s 10 track addition completes the first installment of the July MuuTunes playlist and, I have to say, it might be my favorite one so far this year. There aren’t a whole lot of uptempo bangerz, mostly because the top pop stars are serving a fresh batch of mediocre right now until Miss Janet comes to save us all. Instead, the majority of this month’s picks are chilled-out, moody late night gems that deserve all your love and kisses. (Dannii reference — Tinder me if you clocked that.)

Enjoy the selection, and have a most #blessed Thursday evening.


1.) TIAAN, “Devil’s Touch” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Australian up-and-coming pop songstress TIAAN wraps her silky voice around sensuous ambient sound and a steady electronic pulse, all while contemplating a potentially disastrous “What if?” scenario that could mess it all up. It’s a favorite of the year, on repeat until forever. Keep looking at me like that…

2.) AYER, “Black Diamond” (iTunes)

This dark ‘n dreamy synth-pop production follows up TIAAN’s pulsations nicely, as Brooklyn-based AYER shoots into space and holds onto a precious gem.

3.) Pia Mia, “Complicated” (iTunes)

Guam-born pop princess (and personal friend to the Kardashians) Pia Mia dropped an EP earlier this year called ‘The Gift’, and it’s the best collection you’ve been sleeping on this year. “Complicated” is a refreshing serving of angst-y, #SomethingMoreUrban midtempo pop a la Zendaya, full of finger snaps, melodic vocals and murky drum loops.

4.) SOS, “She Wants” (iTunes)

SOS is a Portland-based duo, and an act I’m especially excited to introduce on MuuMuse, falling somewhere in the same spectrum of future-R&B as The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko and BANKS. “She Wants” supplies sweet vocals, thick downtempo trap-lite beats, and even references RiRi’s “What’s My Name?” — tens across the board.

5.) BANKS, “Beggin For Thread” (Original Post) (iTunes)

With every new song, Queen BANKS provides more and more proof that her upcoming debut, ‘Goddess,’ is destined for a top spot on 2014’s “Best Of” lists in December. “Beggin For Thread” may just be the brooding chanteuse’s most accessible track to date, full of atmospheric textures and a wonderfully bitter chorus that just won’t quit.

6.) La Roux, “Tropical Chancer” (Original Post) (iTunes)

La Roux — AKA Elly Jackson — is back with a chilled out, sensual new attitude on her sophomore LP ‘Trouble In Paradise’, ditching the harder-edged electronica of her debut and filling it out instead with classic disco and Island rhythms. “Tropical Chancer” is a dreamy throwback and album standout, channeling Grace Jones circa 1982. Pure bliss.

7.) Jessie Ware, “Tough Love” (Original Post) (iTunes)

After bowling us over with ‘Devotion’ in 2012, Jessie’s returned with a sound that proves just as stunning on “Tough Love,” the title track to her upcoming album. The gentle, near-whispered ode channels Sade, Kate Bush and The XX all at once — a lush listen for a warm summer night.

8.) Jess Glynne, “Right Here” (Original Post) (iTunes)

She’s already made a name for herself on two of the year’s biggest club hits — Route 94’s “My Love” and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” — and now, she’s got one of her own. Jess Glynne’s solo single “Right Here” fits in snugly between the two, supplying euphoric House pulsations, happy horns, diva-sized vocals and a chorus that could stay on endless loop. OH-oh-oh, UH-uh-uh!

9.) G.R.L., “Don’t Talk About Love” (Original Post) (iTunes)

Finally — some raw, hot, sexy Robin Antin-curated fun! The G.I.R.L.s of G.R.L. just dropped their debut EP and “Don’t Talk About Love,” a raucous bid for no-strings backseat lovin’ that brings Girls Aloud to mind, is their fiercest moment to date. Shhh!

10.) VÉRITÉ, “Strange Enough” (iTunes)

Introducing your new favorite mysteriously moody femme fatale: VÉRITÉ supplies shades of Ellie Goulding, BANKS and Chelsea Lankes on her stunning debut single, “Strange Enough.” Huge hooks, haunting vocals — expecting big things to come soon.

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