Falling To The Floor

I’ve always held a morbid fascination with Kate Ryan. She packs a pretty powerful voice, considering her songs are rather run-of-the-mill pop productions. But ever since I heard “Je T’adore” in Eurovision two years ago, I’ve been hooked to every release. She’s sort of like a mini-Celine with her mannerisms, if Celine was a bit sluttier and blonde. Though it wasn’t the greatest song in the world, she simply sang the fuck out of it. It’s also one of those leech like songs that refuses to leave your brain, no matter how hard you may try. Check out the music video below.

And here we are once again, this time in acoustic form.

Anyway, Kate is back with a new single “Elle Ella L’a”, a cover of a famous song by France Gall. I haven’t heard of it of course, but I can see it’s immediate ’80’s cheese gloriousness factor already. I’m eagerly awaiting Kate’s version in full, so for now we can listen to the original.

Hard Truth About Hard Candy

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Warwick Avenue

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