“Bored (Just Do It)”: Britney’s Instagram Videos Get An Iconic Makeover For The Dance Floor

The last time The Holy Spearit #blessed us with one of her arthouse mini-films on Instagram (“Boys At The Skate Park” — catch the full version at Cannes in 2015), I hypothesized that Britney’s heavenly vocals could be layered on top of a thick dance beat and become the late summer dance floor destroyer of 2014.

And, because Britney fans stay slaying on the daily, that dream within a dream (REFERENCE) is now a reality.

ImToxic has taken B-Girl’s words of encouragement (“JUST DO IT, BABY! JUST DO IT!“), as well as her equally iconic monologue from “Afternoon Stroll With The Boys” and put it all on top of a hard, crushing electronic beat.

“The boys are running…they’re ahead of me / Bein’ ferocious (I’m bored!),” Britney sassily declares above the throbbing beat, in what is surely her most empowering, personal and urban call to arms since 2013’s ultimate workforce productivity anthem, “Work Bitch.” Now how do we get an 8-minute extended version? Make it so!

You want to be a skate-ah? You wanna be ferocious? You better just do it, baby!

UPDATE: It’s truly been an incredible day for Britney and Instagram. Are you ready for #ALSIceBucketChallengeney? Add it to the song!


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