Despite the song’s fun and folky pop beat, Hilary Duff‘s latest offering from her forthcoming comeback album, “All About You,” is a suggestive lil’ tune, full of cheeky little come-ons and whatnot. “Turn the lights down, let me show you it’s true”? Behave, Miss Duff!

Therefore, it would only make sense for the accompanying lyric video to feature the Duffster getting a bit sultry, stripping down and supplying us with over-the-shoulder glances and bedroom eyes while dancing around and getting giggly to the sound of her new tune. Where’s HilDuff’s dignity? I think she left it in the Hollywood Hills…along with her top.

Just kidding! As with everything Hilary’s ever done, she does it with love — and class.

Love it!

“All About You” was released on August 12. (iTunes)