Okay, now this is how to make a music video.

The HAIM sisters have already proven themselves to be unexpectedly amazing pop video purveyors with their dancey, hair flip-tastic “If I Could Change Your Mind” back in February. But now, they’ve just outdone themselves.

For the visual for “My Song 5,” the stomping, off-kilter standout of their debut record Days Are Gone, the sisters enlisted a few famous friends to get in on the fun, including Saturday Night Live‘s hysterical Vanessa Bayer, who plays a Sally Jesse Raphael/Montel Williams-esque daytime TV show host named Dallas Murphy, and she’s supplied us with a whole gaggle of messed up guests.

What kind of guests? Well, how about our favorite rainbow, Kesha? The gorgeous Warrior diva appears for a split second in a hilarious segment called “I Am In Love With My Cat…Mr. Boots.” (Also, her named is spelled Keiysha — Britney‘s impact!)

There’s also an appearance by “Oblivion” goddess Grimes, who shares some snacks at a table like the giving alt-pop princess she is. And of course, A$AP Ferg heads out onto the stage as well (with requisite bucket hat) to handle his girlfriend(s).

Of course, no HAIM experience would be complete without some witchy, leather jacket-wearing The Craft realness, as well as some much needed #hairporn.

And there you have it: A phucking flawless pop video that runs laps around whatever the mainstream acts are chucking out at the moment.

“My Song 5 (feat. A$AP Ferg)” was released on August 18. (iTunes)