Alexandra Stan, original “Lemonade” lover and Co-Queen Of Romania (alongside Inna), is coming for complete global domination once again. (Well, in Japan.)

The “Mr. Saxobeat” legend is dropping her second album Unlocked exclusively in Japan on August 27.

Leading up to The Day Of Stan, the diva’s been dropping promotional singles for weeks on iTunes, including the horn-heavy “Dance,” the J-pop-tastic “Cherry Pop” and her power ballad “Thanks For Leaving.”

This week, Alexandra unveiled yet another banger: “Give Me Your Everything,” a moody Caribbean jam that wouldn’t sound at all out of place on Rihanna‘s Talk That Talk. Illuminati realness!

“Don’t you be so hard on me! If you love me, give me your everything,” the genre-blurring goddess declares above the infectious drum melodies. That’s right: Don’t you judge her love, you filthy lesser. Bow down to Queen Stan!

And if that’s not enough to satiate your thirst for all things Stan, listen to the Unlocked album sampler below.

Unlocked will be released on August 27. (iTunes Japan)