Madonna, Eternal Queen Of Pop and Empress Of Bathroom Selfies, has done some slight tweaking — to her website, that is.

Yesterday, DrownedMadonna noticed that the official website had undergone a slight makeover, including a new logo design and favicon. “Note that they use a backward red ‘N’ like for Art For Freedom. The new favicon is a crown,” they astutely observed.

Now of course, this could just be another revamp for the #UnapologeticBitch’s ongoing #RevolutionOfLove #SecretProjectRevolution #ArtForFreedom #HashtagsForLola social justice campaign, or it could be…somethin’ else.

Grab your 22-volume Zohar, wrap up your kale chips and head down to the discotheque, because you never know: Bitch, she’s Madonna.


While we wait with bated breath, here’s an amazing Madonna song. Just ’cause.