Gulp! Grimes has gone ‘mainstream’…or whatever.

As legend has it, Grimes originally wrote “Go” with Blood Diamonds for Illuminati high priestess Rihanna, who turned down the track. (“Thx but no #phucks,” she likely wrote back in a DM.)

Instead of letting the track go to waste, she’s opted to service the track as a single, or something like that, considering she’s just delivered a artsy visual for the odd, ‘EDM’-y dream-pop jam today.

While the song really isn’t bad at all, and the video is appropriately mystical and strange (swords, deserts and…Adidas sandals?), it is a bit perplexing to watch Grimes go from the masterfully crafted ethereal dreamscape of “Genesis” and “Oblivion” to…clapping beats and sick beat dropz for da clurb, brah.

Then again, artists can’t be pigeonholed into single genres. Grimes can serve up whatever she pleases. Let’s just enjoy the ride?

“Go” was released on July 3. (iTunes)