And now, a perfectly timed video to take us far, far away from this world. (Briefly, at least.)

Scandi-pop titans Robyn and Royksopp, currently out together again on tour, have just unveiled the Max Vitali-directed visual for their Do It Again EP epic, “Monument.”

But don’t expect any backward-roll-into-floor-hump action, a la “Call Your Girlfriend”: This one’s purely art, taking us from the basic building blocks of life into the otherworldly in a futuristic, Björk-like consideration of infinity and impermanence. (At least, that’s what I see.)

The video opens with what looks like blood vessels and membranes — are we inside Robyn? — as we come to the surface and find Robyn and the boys sitting inside of an illuminated cell. The 3-minute mark onward is particularly stunning, as the camera journeys away from the troupe and into a seemingly endless array of patterned structures stretching far into forever before returning back through space.

It’s an abstract visual that serves as a reminder that we are all very small and transient, and the universe is very big and very old — an oddly calming kind of meditation. (That is, unless it just provokes an existential crisis for you.)

“We started writing ‘Monument’ after playing around with a software that can stretch short bits of music into billions of years of sound. It made total sense to me that Max wanted to explore this floating feeling and mediation in the video,” Robyn said of the video.

You ready to get lost?

The ‘Do It Again EP’ was released on May 26. (iTunes)