Can’t you see The Queen Of Pop is waiting for you? (With a calendar, that is.)

Enduring Instagram Selfie Empress, hashtag maven and professional #UnapologeticBitch Madonna has just unveiled her official 2015 calendar on Instagram, which is now available to pre-order in her store. (Because if there’s anything more #hot and #trendy in 2015 than the iPhone 6, it’s a physical calendar. Slay us, Queen!)

As one can plainly see, the “Causing A Commotion” chanteuse is tipping her witch hat in the direction of Truth Or Dare for the cover shot — specifically, the “blowing a bottle” segment. (She excels at the craft, obviously.)

From Madge’s merch store:

Get ready for another surprising Madonna year with this 16-month calendar featuring stunning photographs by Tom Munro, Steven Klein and Madonna herself! 12 X 12 inches.

“…And Madonna herself.” That’s right: SELFIES. And 12″x12″ — perfect Instagram ratio.

Now, a calendar is not new music, but it is still something. And something means that something else could come. Like new music! At some point. Eventually…

Just be happy with the calendar, okay? Bottoms up!