Let’s get unconscious, shall we?

After a brief break last week, #MadonnaMondays returns today with yet another installment of appreciation for Her Holy Madgesty.

This time around, Country Club Martini Crew dug deeper and deeper (REFERENCE) into Madonna’s prolific discography and grabbed one of her most under-appreciated, forward-thinking records (and one of my personal favorites!): “Bedtime Story,” her Nellee Hooper-produced, Björk co-penned ’95 hit.

The CCMC rework updates the song’s sensuous electronic ripples with deep ’90’s House-leaning pulsations inspired by Disclosure, bringing her luscious vocals to the forefront. I would go on further about the remix, but words are useless, especially sentences. How can I explain how I feel?

Travel to your nearest discotheque, preferably whilst leaving logic and reason to the arms of unconsciousness.

And if you haven’t yet, have a listen to the CCMC #MadonnaMondays remixes of “B-Day Song” and “Die Another Day.”