Pabllo Vittar Amor De Que

‘Amor de Que’: Everybody Wants a Piece of Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar, one of Brazil’s finest exports, is back. Just don’t get too attached.

Aside from soybeans, crude oil and iron ores, there are few hotter exports to come out of Brazil than Pabllo Vittar.

She’s so hot, in fact, that every boy in town wants a piece of Pabllo.

The 25-year-old Brazilian baddie-turned-international drag icon – arguably the most globally renowned drag queen since RuPaul (Vittar’s Drag Race needs to happen at some point, by the way) – has had an incredible past few years: from bumping bundas with Anitta and Diplo in the desert, to striking a pose for the cameras with every 20-something popper-sniffing, douche-carrying gay’s Queen Charli XCX, to becoming the first drag queen to ever receive an award at the MTV EMAs.

She’s big.

Now, Pabllo is expanding the Vittar Cinematic Universe with a flirty new visual for the sultry, horn-y “Amor de Que,” featured on her 111 1 EP, which was released at the end of October. (It’s called 111 1 because it’s a part of a trilogy, as she prepares her trilingual third album in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Her mind/mente!)

As it stands now, “Amor de Que” is floating around as Brazil’s third most played song (!), already racking up over 2 million views just hours after the music video’s premiere on Wednesday (December 4).

The music video, filmed by longtime friend and collaborator João Monteiro inside of São Paulo’s Mogi das Cruzes, is described as a representation of “the freedom to love freely in any form.” In other words: mama is getting around town. And why shouldn’t she? Who could possibly resist the charms of Vittar?

Director João said collaborating with Pabllo, their tenth time working together, “has always allowed me to innovate and create new worlds. This time, after two hits marked by studio videoclips with American pop language, we decided to bring Pabllo back to this very Brazilian atmosphere. With a clever camera game, the guys who interact with her are exchanged, which reinforces the idea of a diverse and free love.”

“We wanted to use her looks to portray exactly the profile of that Brazilian woman who is free, empowered and who sees no problem in relating to those whoever she wants. We also rescued that girl from the interior of northeast, which brought Brazilian elements, such as tiny shorts, high heels, crochet top and jeans look,” added stylist João França Ribeiro.

“I loved recording this video, it has a different atmosphere from my last jobs. I hope the fans enjoy it as much as I do. This song is very special to me,” Pabllo says of the clip.

Far from the sillier, tongue-in-cheek offerings from so many drag stars – which, no shade, everyone’s got their own artistry and style – Pabllo really indulges in an unabashed Main Pop Girl fantasy in her music videos, especially with “Amor de Que”: she looks stunning, commanding the attention of every guy in the room while serving looks, seductive moves and generous amounts of butt shots. There’s a real superstar wattage and power to her femininity and flirtatiousness – however fleeting one’s personal time with Pabllo might be.

It’s just that there are so many handsome men in the city / And I’m in the prime of my life,” she cautions in the (English translated version of the) song.

I don’t want you to get attached To my love – a whore love.” Hey, don’t say Pabllo didn’t warn you.

Get in that one-on-one time while you still can before she fully takes over in 2020.

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Photo credit: Ernna Cost

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