The bae Tinashe‘s “Pretend” is one of the better songs of 2014.

As a result, I’m taking every opportunity to shine a light on this gorgeously moody electro ballad — like this newly released lyric video for your lyric-learning pleasure.

It’s a pretty straightforward set-up, with the lyrics written out like painted brush strokes against a wall — the writing’s on the wall, if you will. “Pretend that everything’s straight, when everything ain’t just covered up like paint…” See what she did there?

“Pretend” is a fairly drastic, dreamy shift away from the club-banging sound of “2 On,” which is good for people who might not be familiar with her back catalog which, like “Pretend,” has plenty of depth and dimension. (“Tired of y’all not doing your research…”)

Get ready for Aquarius to drop in October.

“Pretend” was released on August 22. (iTunes)