Miley does this cool n’ different kinda thing every now and then.

Sure, she’s usually riding a hot dog. Or making out with construction equipment. Or getting tattoos with The Flaming Lips. Or getting her boobiez out on the Instagram. None of those things are out of the ordinary for Miley.

What’s different is that, every now and then, she decides to just…sing.

It’s happened before in her backyard. And “Adore You” on Bangerz. And the acoustic section of The Bangerz Tour, when she just sits there and croons some Fleetwood Mac. Plenty of times, actually.

And she just did it again tonight on Saturday Night Live‘s (seemingly endless) 40th anniversary special.

With no musical project in particular to promote, the pop princess instead performed a stirring and subdued cover of Paul Simon‘s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.” She sounded really great, delivering a straight-up solid performance, making it her own with her country twang — all without the distracting shock tactics to take away from her voice. Smilers and even casual fans alike know that Miley’s got pipes, but the general public still most likely associates her with a wild tongue and a roaming foam finger. (And can you blame them, really?)

Crazy Miley is a non-stop party, and she’s way too young to stop having her fun. She can’t be tamed, after all. But it’s just nice to be reminded from time to time that, deep down underneath the pot leaf leotards and pizza onesies, Miss Miley’s got the music in her too. After all, I really do believe she is the best of the bunch as far as the new crop of pop stars is concerned. She’s great…and Madonna would likely agree.

Now bring on the new tunes!