Lena Katina — one-half of t.A.T.u., a legendary duo that needs no introduction ’round these parts — is entirely fed up.

While the Russian girl group has gone on (permanent) hiatus, Madame Katina is now moving on with her own solo career.

Following the release of Billboard Club #1 “Never Forget” and “Lift Me Up,” the redheaded multilingual siren is about to drop her debut solo record This Is Who I Am on November 18, a 13-track record that “perfectly encapsulates the singer-songwriter’s life and emotional journey as she’s navigated from being one half of the biggest girl band of the 2000’s into the electrifying front-woman she has become today.” (Note: That would probably also be the description of my own debut solo album.)

“Fed Up” is a new taste of the songstress’ upcoming debut, produced by Lena’s band, including former t.A.T.u. music director Sven Martin, producer Boris Renski and Domen Vajevec.

Armed with a breezy singalong-chat (“Bum-bum-bum-bum-bah-dum-bum!”) and a punchy pulse, the swaggering pop cut sees Lena tossing and turning with angst, stepping away from the darker t.A.T.u. brand of space-age synthesized sound into crunchy rock-pop, although not entirely losing sight of the group’s knack for hooks. (Also, that “fucking shit!” with a giggle in the final few seconds is ace.)

Listen to the song below, and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order This Is Who I Am right now.

1. All Around The World
2. Who I Am
3. Walking In The Sun
4. The Beast (Inside You)
5. Something I Said
6. Lift Me Up
7. Fed Up
8. An Invitation
9. Just A Day
10. Wish On A Star
11. Waiting
12. Never Forget
13. Lost In This Dance

‘This Is Who I Am’ will be released on November 18. (iTunes)