The Danity Kane Komeback has been a long, grueling and endlessly ratchet journey, full of soaring highs (#BuyLemonadeOniTunes!) and devastating lows, like the time Aundrea quit the band, and also that time Dawn punched Aubrey in the back of her head and the group called it quits.

But, because we never gave up on the ladies of DK5 DK4 DK3, the ladies — err, just Aubrey and Shannon at this point, it seems? — aren’t giving up on us: That album is still coming to bless our ears in all its messy glory.

The long-awaited comeback record, officially called DK3 and available for pre-order on iTunes Fiji (I mean…I don’t know!) will be released on October 28, and includes all the live faves we’ve been nicely yelling at the girls to throw on iTunes including “Rage,” “Rhythm Of Love” and, thanks be to Godney, “All In A Day’s Work,” as well as some very promising new jamz as well…and you can hear snippets of all of them below.

That’s just one month away. Stay strong, get excited, and pray that everyone keeps their hands to themselves before then.

UPDATE: It happened. “Rhythm Of Love” is finally here. In full. Officially. Right now. And it’s so fucking good. (We already knew that, but still…)

I can’t stop crying. We did it kids.


‘DK3’ will be released on October 28. (iTunes)