Do you feel that? That brisk chill in the air? (Apparently you don’t, LA. Sorry about the whole heat wave or whatever.)

Fall is upon us, which means October is almost here, which means Halloween is basically already knocking at our door (REFERENCE).

But before you go running off to JoAnn’s this evening to gather the appropriate fabric swatches, glitter and sizable wigs needed to perfectly recreate your favorite outfit from Piece Of Me (um, you were thinking of dressing up as anything else this year?), there’s an important mission at hand: Making “Scary” a single for Halloween.


Yes, I know: This is an idea that has been floated ’round every year since Femme Fatale first #blessed our ears back in 2011 — but it’s also an idea that remains an idea. The urgency to make this a reality has never been more strongly felt.

While Britney is now busy recording her upcoming artsy fartsy left-lane Latin-tinged rock-pop opus, there’s a perfectly spooky, delightfully ghoulish Femme Fatale bonus track just sitting there collecting dust in the corner (perfectly creepy!), simply begging to be given a proper single release this October. Also, hello — the song sounds just as good today as it did 3 years ago!


We all know that B loves herself a wig (or ten), so it’s not like she wouldn’t enjoy briefly transforming into Veronica The Witch for a day or two in between Piece Of Me gigs for a glamorously gothic video. I’m thinking zombies. Werewolves. Blood-sucking ex-boyfriends. Turn the “My Prerogative” mansion into a haunted house! This world is so scary, y’all.

So please, make “Scary” a Halloween single, B — we need some hypnotherapy. (An entirely new single would also suffice, but if not, some #JusticeForScary would be nice.)