The moment has finally arrived. (No, Rihanna‘s not back yet. The other moment.)

Ever since Danity Kane strutted and stomped the shit out of their new song “All In A Day’s Work” during their live Danity Komeback performance at the House Of Blues in LA last year, the loyal members of the DK Krew (what few remain) have been seriously thirsting for the group’s rock-laced club banger.

With more and more drama mounting every day over the past year, hope for the song’s release all but faded.

But DK3 really is on the way. And, come hell or head punches, the song’s finally #blessed our ears this evening.

Let’s keep it #100%emoji: The final mix of “All In A Day’s Work” doesn’t quite contain the pearl-clutching, heart-racing energy of the live version. The mix sounds a bit “yeah, we had to rush this shit” and the vocals are a little “look, we’re just working with what we’ve got.”

Also, Aubrey “Shannon, Get Your Ass Over Here” O’Day supplies the same verse twice in a row (with a whole lot of vocoded hoop-jumping the second time around), due to the very noticeable absence of Aundrea “Knew When It Would Be A Good Time To Exit” Fimbres.

Nonetheless, there’s still some Danity ferocity at the core of this track which is, more or less, hot fiya.

Just closed a deal? So trill? Same.

Let’s hear it for this endlessly messy quintet quartet trio duo of bad ass bitches!

“I’m making this shit look easy, easy, easy, easy!”


‘DK3’ will be released on October 28. (iTunes)