I haven’t properly written about VÉRITÉ yet, although she’s been included on at least a few MuuTunes playlists in past months. So, let’s change that.

The rising NYC-based singer-songstress makes punchy, propulsive pop armed with soaring hooks, stomping drums, atmospheric textures and rocky undercurrents, seated somewhere at the table alongside Ellie Goulding, Lorde, BROODS, Kate Havnevik and Sara Barielles. You know, somewhere right in there.

She’s also become quite a “One To Watch” blogger darling and Soundcloud Queen, having scored over 600,000 streams of her songs (impressive!) over the year, all leading to the final piece of the puzzle: The Echo EP, a 4-track bundle of all her tunes to date, out this week (October 20).

The start-to-finish solid collection, co-helmed with songwriter-drummer Elliot Jacobson, includes her aching debut “Strange Enough,” title track “Echo,” “Heartbeat” and the thrilling “Weekend,” an on-the-edge love song that could potentially be a rom-com trailer theme waiting to happen. (It’s my personal favorite!)

“The EP is a culmination of thousands of emails, self imposed emails, self doubt, experimentation and the insanity that is mind,” she says of the collection. See…everyone’s doing the emails!

Her name might refer to the art of realism, but these songs are all sorts of dreamy. Give ’em a go.

‘Echo EP’ was released on October 20. (iTunes)