Kate Havnevik: Halo

First off, let me just say this: No, this is not a cover of Beyoncé‘s “Halo.”

Wait–wait, where are you going?! STOP. I know, I know…I was disappointed as well. But we’re going to work through this one, alright? Now sit down for a moment and consider this alternative.

“Halo” is Kate Havnevik‘s “comeback,” if you will; the first single from her upcoming album due later this year. The track operates as a sweeping, majestic orchestration that has now become the quintessential Havnevik sound. Seemingly however, the Nordic songstress has moved on from the somber, resigned, and even morbid lyrical sentiments of her past work on Melankton.

Nay, this is future Havnevik. And what does the future have in store for us? Well, it’s a bit brighter for one: “You’re not alone in being alone / Six billion people, one of them is right for you,” Havnevik soothes within the massive, strumming chorus.

Starting anew, turning for change…Who doesn’t need a song like this right about now? And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner? Smart, Havnevik…Smart.

Oh yeah, and the track was apparently featured on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. So if you came here for that reason…well, I’ll allow for it. This time.

Click here to go to Kate Havnevik’s MySpace and hear “Halo” streaming now, and below to purchase the single NOW!

Kate Havnevik - Halo - Single - Halo

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