“Is that money in your pocket or you happy to see me?” – Psalms Of Circus, 4:11

Whether she’s jet-setting across Europe to promote her vintage, feminine and intimate line of Lingerieney, supplying Britishney lessons in London or simply sneaking away to the Philippines (REFERENCE), the Legendary Miss Britney Spears is constantly banking some serious coin — and now, the bank is only getting BIG-GAH.

According to TMZ, Planet Hollywood is so impressed with the performance of Piece Of Me (because obviously), they’ve renegotiated a deal with Team Brit Brit that ought to fund a whole lot more homemade cheesy grits.

From TMZ:

Britney Spears was doing well with her Vegas contract — raking in nearly $30 mil for 2 years … but we just found out, 50 shows into her run, it was so successful she got an even sweeter deal. Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ … the singer did indeed sign a contract for $310K per performance, and with 96 concerts over 2 years to total was $29,760,000. But Planet Hollywood was blown away by ticket sales, which they said broke Vegas records. So Britney’s manager went back to the bargaining table and hashed out an amendment, which now guarantees the singer around $475,000 a show … Celine Dion, the top money earner in Vegas, makes $476K a show. Planet Hollywood actually added shows for Britney … she’ll now do 140 shows during the 2-year residency. Bottom line … with back end, merchandising and other perks, we’re told EVERY WEEK, Britney’s people deposit around 1 MILLION DOLLARS in her bank account.


One million dollars into her bank account. Every week. The Holy Spearit’s shopping spree just became even more outrageous (REFERENCE).

If Queen B wanted, she could order an electric scooter delivered to her door every day for the rest of her life. Or get the cast of Sex & The City back together to film a new season just for own personal pre-show viewing. Or build a time machine to time-travel speed to see Spawn. Or buy a bottle of Fantasy: Stage Edition and an Intimate Britney Spears Anemone Bustiere for every single citizen of Earth.

More than likely, though, she’ll just buy a few Starbucks frappes, a pack of watermelon bubblegum and some decorative vanilla candles for the house while remaining a humble, trailblazing living legend.

MONEY, love and happiness indeed.