It seems like only yesterday that I was dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower. (Actually, it was quite literally yesterday.)

But it’s time to towel off, because tiny pop darling Becky G has stepped out of the shower — and she’s ready to dance some more.

“Can’t Stop Dancin'” is the lil’ diva’s brand new single, premiered today on Ryan Seacrest and produced by Rock City, Cirkut and…Dr. Luke. (Oh dear.) But, seriously — it’s really great. (UPDATE: The official lyric video is now out!)

The infectious, island-tinged midtempo sounds sort of like G.R.L.‘s debut EP crossed with what Rihanna might have served up two to three eras ago (a compliment, not a complaint!), led by a really nice, sort of end-of-summer guitar strum and a serious stomper of a chorus: “Ay-ee-ay-ee-ay-eeeeee…just can’t stop dancing.” It’s like the Caribbean cousin to Selena Gomez‘s “Come & Get It” in a way? Also, the chorus chant actually sounds a lot like G.R.L.’s “Show Me What You Got.” Crunchy, swirly pop goodness.

Here’s the real question: Is Becky G the new messiah? And has she been sent to save us in a year of Britney and RiRi-free pop? Discuss.

“Can’t Stop Dancin'” was released on November 4. (iTunes)