“Dead 2 Me”: CeCe, The X Factor Finalist Formerly Known As Keesha, Makes Her Debut

Did you watch and/or suffer through X Factor USA Season 2 for a glimpse of The Holy Spearit in action? Of course you did. You’re visiting this website, after all.

But in case you didn’t, CeCe Frey was a finalist on X Factor USA Season 2. She was mentored by Demi Lovato. She also wore cheetah print on her face (which Cheryl‘s suddenly taken a liking to) and sang songs like “The Edge Of Glory” and “Lady Marmalade.”

Perhaps most memorably, Judge Britney frequently told her that she “just didn’t get it” and, at one point, said she thought CeCe was “trying to be like Keesha or something.” And from there, CeCe became an automatic legend by proxy.

Two years later, CeCe Frey is now just CeCe. She’s also seemingly replaced the cheetah print with some nice jewels. Oh, and she’s arrived with her debut single.

“Dead 2 Me” is a glitchy electro-pop kiss off anthem, and sounds a bit like Demi meets Carly Rae Jepsen meets Keesha (obviously), but sort of over-sung and sloppy in places. That being said, it’s still a catchy tune — especially with that infectious “We R Who We R”-ish chorus. Very Keesha. And really, it’s not bad!

If nothing else, we will forever be indebted to Miss CeCe for providing us with this most crucial Britney GIF.


Kudos to you, CeCeesha CeCe.

“Dead 2 Me” was released on October 7. (iTunes)

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