Things are about to get juicy.

Marina And The Diamonds teased a tiny taste of her new song “Froot” last month, and mercifully, we’re about to get the full serving this time next week. (Well, at least it seems that way.)

“Birthday Party Invitation #FROOT,” Mizz Marina tweeted this evening, along with the invite above to a birthday party on her website. (The tweet also included a cute lil’ grape emoji, but The Internet is not advanced enough to reproduce it right here, because nothing’s fair or right in this world.)

What’s with the birthday theme? Who knows, although she did just kill off Electra Heart not too long ago. Life, death, rebirth…it’s all very Buddhist, really.

UPDATE: Well! October 10 is her actual birthday, so all of this makes even more sense now, doesn’t it?

Once again, to refresh your memory, it’s going to (maybe) sound something like this…

Give us the grapes, Marina.