“Dollar Signs”: Tinashe And Calvin Harris Have No Chill

Here comes the smash-ah!

Tinashe‘s spectacular debut record Aquarius has stayed on solid repeat since the second it hit the shelves, but it’s time to put the LP on pause for a moment — for more Tinashe, that is.

Superstar DJ/producer Calvin Harris‘ upcoming record Motion (out next week!) is already packed with thunderous club tunes (or “bops,” as the Gay Youth say), from his killer collaboration with John Newman (“Blame”) to “Outside,” his massive break-up banger with Ellie Goulding.

But among all of the new fiery cuts, it’s his collaboration with The Bae Tinashe that stands out as one of the hottest smashes on the LP.

The throbbing cut plays sort of like a cross between “Bounce” with Kelis in the verses and Rihanna‘s “Where Have You Been” in the chorus all strung together with a #SomethingMoreUrban lyrical sensibility, as the sexy siren melodically croons about hustling and staying on your grind.

“You runnin’ outta time, you lose your mind/You lose your fuckin’ mind/You close your eyes, you seein’ dollar signs,” she declares. It’s certainly got much more attitude than a typical Calvin banger — even the nasty beat breaks slap a bit harder than his usual.


But it’s really, really all about that bridge, as Tinashe gets more 2 On than ever, cooing one of the better lines found in EDM-pop this year.

You know I got no chill, no chill, no chill tonight…



And there you have it: “Dollar Signs,” a certifiable SLAYASHE© club smash in waiting.

$erve this one to the club$ quick, Calvin!

‘Motion’ will be released on November 4. (iTunes)

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