Drop your Irish Mist Burgers and put your hands up: QUEEN NUHDEEN HAS RETURNED TO US.

It’s been a minute (more than 9 months worth of minutes, really) since the elusive materneuse stepped away to give birth to the heir to Ireland’s throne, but the day has finally come: Girls Aloud lead singer (fight me ’bout it), hayuhr flip connoisseur and Unsayshabull Icon Nadine Coyle is officially back up and runnin’ (REFERENCE) — beginning with an upcoming Michael Flatley show.

Looking drop dead gorgeous in a glam red gown, the new mum appeared on ITV on Sunday evening surrounded by muscly Irish dancers and Illuminati demon eyes in the background to belt out the triumphant theme song from Flatley’s new production, Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games.

The dramatic anthem was quite fitting for a diva back from an extended hiatus, full of #empowering lyrics about being victorious and leading the pack. “WE WILL CONQUER! WE WILL LIVE TO FIGHT AGAIN!” Nuhds declared — clearly an homage to the Almighty Aloud’s “Something New.”

Of course, the pop powerhouse sounded as perfect as ever…and the hayuhr flips remained entirely on point.

Between this and Chezza‘s ’bout-to-premiere “Crazy Stupid Love,” it’s like we’re reliving the glory days of the Aloud (just, y’know, in solo form). Emotion overload. BRING ON THE COMEBACK(S)!