Hell hath no fury like an #UnapologeticBitch scorned.

In case you haven’t already been inundated with links flooding your Facebook timeline, there’s a nun named Sister Cristina Scuccia who won The Voice Of Italy this year. A singing nun? Already hilarious! And what’s more, she decided to go the controverial route with her first single, a cover of Queen Of Pop, Empress Of Bathroom Selfies and Supreme Ruler of Hashtags Madonna‘s iconic ode to worship and/or blowjobs, “Like A Virgin.”

Sister Cristina turned it into an inspirational hymn about God or whatever. But, as it turns out, Madge ain’t having any of that.

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“Like A Virgin? #bitinghard” M-Dolla Shadestagrammed, presumably mid-balancing stick pose during an at-home bikram yoga session taught by a svelte Brazilian after a heavy night of drinking with Diplo.

True, “biting” implies plagiarizing, while this is really just a straight-up cover. But so what?! She’s still riding Madge’s iconic dick! You can’t have this one, Sister Cristina! You don’t have the moves or the motion! Give it up! Surely there’s a song by Lady Gaga you could cover instead?

#Reductive! #GetOutOfTheHabit! #Swag!!11!!