‘Twas only but a few moons ago when Fifth Harmony, young pop princesses of X Factor USA fame, hit us with “BO$$,” their most personal, urban and Burlesque-sounding ode to Michelle Obama and Oprah to date.

But, for reasons unbeknownst to us (and by “unbeknownst,” let’s just go with “a lack of Top 40 radio play”), the ladies have shifted their sound once more — this time right back in the direction of straight-up pop.

In the way that all planned things generally fall apart in pop, the girls made some sort of Twitter/Livestream announcement of the song’s title last evening, only to then be overshadowed by a San Francisco radio station (accidentally?) premiering the track early. Naturally, a #Harmonizer recorded the tune, and the song is now online. (Update: The song is now in glorious high quality on the Fifth Harmony YouTube. Praise!)

The song is called “Sledgehammer” — pronounced “Slaygehammer,” as far as I’m concerned.

And, for the second year in a row, the construction worker’s tool has been brought to the forefront of the pop world.


“Sledgehammer” is a propulsive, stomping electro-pop anthem, not unlike something you’d hear on a Demi Lovato album. It’s also a little bit like Ariana Grande‘s “Love Me Harder.” Basically, a nice ol’ throbber.

And while the girls may have been onto something with their forthcoming #SomethingMoreUrban cuts like “Reflection,” this feels like a more natural progression from the girls’ bubbly debut EP, Better Together.

There are a lot of yummy things to enjoy, even if we don’t have the song in high quality yet: The bass-heavy pulse. Hooks galore. That sparkling, ’80’s-sounding synth riff in the chorus. The slow-mo bridge, full of chants in the background (“ha ha ha!“).

It really knocks — and, with any luck, it’ll knock down those walls hard enough to get the general public onboard in a big(ger) way this time around.

Now, who’s in need of some home renovation?


“Sledgehammer” was released on October 28. (iTunes)