Do you remember a time when pop stars actually performed?

Like, not just standing there looking nervous in thigh-high boots while dancers twirled around. They actually put on a show. They would dance. Really hard! They’d hype the crowd. They’d put in serious work, but make it look effortless The passion would be palpable. They’d ooze confidence. And they’d throw in pearl-clutching intros and fiery dance breakdowns while doing so. It’s an all-but-extinct form of art, passed on by the best of the best — from Madonna to Janet Jackson to Britney Spears.

Tinashe just brought that back on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

From the hair-flipping intro to the hip-twerking choreography throughout (so Janet ’93 MTV VMAs!), the Aquarius princess dominates the stage in a throwback to a time when pop music was actually incredibly thrilling…and FUN.

Watch above. You’ll get it.

And, yes — I realize the Tinashe stanning is in full force ’round these parts, but there’s good reason: She’s an actual star.

‘Aquarius’ was released on October 7. (iTunes)