Plot twist: Another One Direction member is now directly involved in a pop diva’s latest single.

While Taylor Swift is busy colliding with trees thanks to the group’s most famous hair-having member Harry Styles (AREWEOUTOFTHEWOODSYETAREWEOUTOFTHEWOODSYETAREWEOUTOFTHEWOODSYET), Liam “Family Values” Payne has gone and provided a few rare fooks to British pop goddess and Girls Aloud Queen Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini Just Cheryl‘s otherwise fookless “I Don’t Care.”

Today, the 1D hottie premiered a relatively huge remix of Chezza’s “I Don’t Care” for i-D, crafted alongside Afterhrs. The mix is full of warm House piano chords, shuffling beats and massive industrial drops, perfect for some fabulously saucy “no fooks given” voguing on the floor. Nice one, Liam! Chezza would thank you for your contributions, but she’s currently too unbothered to notice.

Listen above, and get ready to leave all your fooks at the discotheque.


“I Don’t Care” will be released on November 2. (iTunes UK)