It’s still so hard to believe that one of the most iconic voices of our generation and Diana Ross are now united as one big musical family. Truly, we are blessed. And, lucky enough for us, they even make public appearances together…like tonight!

This evening, Little Miss Mrs. Obsessive Ashlee Simpson-Ross, The Bae Evan Ross and Divine Diva Supreme Diana arrived in all of their L.O.V.E. and sequined glory to the red carpet in Hollywood for the premiere of that movie about the teens all killing each other with the really good soundtrack, Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1. (What, were you expecting another family? Or that other one?)


“Does she have to do that with her hand every time, Evan?”
“Shhh. Ashlee. Please. She’ll hear you.”
“Do I hear some chatter over here from the peanut gallery? Oh no. No. Not today. Nobody’s going to rain on Miss Diana’s parade! Why? Let me tell you a little something about rain! It was Central Park. 1983. Google it, baby! Google it! Made it through the storm and back again! UP-SIDE DOWN!


Ashlee? Diana? Is it too much to pray for a collaboration sometime in the near future?

“I’m Coming Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)!”