Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem.”

“Blue” is one of the biggest and bestest songs on Marina And The Diamonds’ FROOT — and no, it’s not just because all the “gimme”-ing evokes “Gimme More.” (But it certainly does help, and you just know that was a conscious decision on the part of the singer-songwriter in question, known as one of the world’s biggest Britney stans.)

Accordingly, our Elusive Frooteuse has granted the ex-sexin’ anthem a worthy visual directed by Charlotte Rutherford, who is both an incredible talent and a person who looks a whole lot like Britney, according to a tweet from Marina. (Such a stan. Seriously.)

The clip was filmed at Dreamland (side note: that Geri Halliwell solo promo on their official website with the “Scream! If You Want To Go Faster” graphic — I LIVE), and follows Marina ’round the abandoned fun fair as she forces her blues away on wild rides and roller rinks, looking irresponsibly glamorous while doing so.

Me on a date with me.

Who’s got time to feel sad when they’re on a spinning thing? NO ONE. Wipe those tears away, Marina! (Although one could say it’s all a big metaphor about how life’s not very fun when you’re feeling lonesome, even when you’ve got all the cotton candy in the world to yourself. I digress.)

Marina Fortune Teller

At one point, Marina does some requisite #PandoraPromo while playing the part of a fortune teller — a CLEAR AND OBVIOUS REFERENCE to the commercial for Britney’s fifty millionth fragrance, Radiance.

Britney Spears Fortune Radiance

“No, thanks. I choose my own destiny…err, Pandora beads.”

The actual best part comes at the very end, when Marina comes out onto the dance floor — the bumper car floor — and gags us with a shiny, ’70’s disco look (lewk) and does a little dance for us.

A DANCE! Choreography! THOSE MOVES.


I know you don’t technically want to be a pop star Marina, but now you just have to be. Sorry ’bout it! You’re serving up this kind of fancy armography? You’re going to have to do it from here on out.

Gimme, gimme more. MOAH!