Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts to Interview Lady Gaga for MTV UK


So, this is a thing: Girls Aloud‘s darling Nicola Roberts–currently embarking on the launch of an incredibly promising solo career–is about to conduct an interview with Lady Gaga for MTV UK.

From MTV UK:

Lady GaGa is the most talked about star on the planet, constantly filmed, photographed and chased by the press wherever she goes…

But she’s bored of always being asked the same old things, so MTV said we’d help out and get YOU, the true Lady GaGa fans, to come up with truly interesting questions.

All you have to do is let us know your burning question for Lady G below, then we’ll pick the best, most original ones and get our hostess with the mostest – Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts – to ask GaGa for you.

Then tune in to MTV Music on Monday May 23rd @ 21:00 to watch MTV Meets Lady Gaga – and see if YOUR question has been picked.

I actually cannot even. I hope they talk about stilettos!!! WHAT IF THEY DECIDE TO RECORD A DUET CALLED “PORCELAIN MONSTER JESUS”?

File this one under “Fan boy dreams come true.”

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