“Sweet Talk”: Samantha Jade Takes Us To Sugary Sweet Pop Heaven

God bless Samantha Jade.

You’ll no doubt remember the gorgeous X Factor Australia winner from last year’s storming “Firestarter,” as well as this year’s “UP!” Undeniable jams, for sure…but she’s just outdone herself.

Today, Queen Sammi is throwing us a glittery lifejacket to save us from sinking in a sea of basics with “Sweet Talk” — which not to be confused with the name of that amazing Jessie Ware song or the new album by talented-but-loud former bisexual, Jessie J. And it’s sugary-pop heaven!

“Sweet Talk” is truly the stuff of campy pop dreams: It sounds like a cross between Ariana Grande (which really means it sounds like early Mariah Carey…”oh bay-beh, my bay-beh!“), Carly Rae Jepsen and Light Years-era Kylie Minogue — maybe even a bit of Britney a la “Anticipating” to boot. Swee-e-e-e-eet! It’s pure euphoria, simple and sweet.

The video for the song just dropped about an hour ago but, like all of the best pop music, it’s not available to view in America. (YET.) Luckily, it’s available on US iTunes and Spotify! L-U-V, Sammi!

“Sweet Talk” was released on November 18. (iTunes)

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