Tonight, Kim Kardashian got her butt out for Paper Magazine.

That’s super Kool for Kim and the rest of the Kardashian Klan, but the most interesting part about the cover photo isn’t her or her oily, enhanced buttocks (to me, anyways) — it’s the fact that prolific French photographer Jean-Paul Goude was the one behind the lens.

Why? Because of the incredible body of work created with his former lover and muse: The legendary Miss Grace Jones, who he once called “the face of the ’80’s.”

With Grace in his face, Goude created what are Grace’s most iconic visuals to date, from her Nightclubbing, Warm Leatherette and Island Life album covers, to the truly ahead-of-its-time One Man Show special, to the Jungle Fever photo book — all the way up to a shoot for V Magazine in 2009. With his photos, Goude explores gender and race, often manipulating and exaggerating the body of his subject (Miss Grace) to create thought-provoking pieces. And, consider this one for a moment: Those images from the early ’80’s were all made at a time where “Photoshopping” meant actually physically editing an image, cut and splice style. Now, that’s what I call #ARTPOP.

Grace is one of my main muses (no ifs, ands or butts about it!), so I thought I’d share some of those visuals.

Let us also all give thanks to Kim for being such a great ass-et to the art community.

Photos via V, T Magazine and LightColorSound.