Well OKAY, layyyydies.

We’ve been traveling a long, long road toward Fifth Harmony‘s oft-delayed debut album Reflection (or, in spanish: Mi Reflejo), taking stops along the way for super-sugary Better Together EP and their sudden turn into #SomethingMoreUrban territory, “Bo$$.”

But when it comes to their pulsating power-pop, construction zone-friendly production “Sledgehammer,” the girls really found their true (one) direction toward victory. And with their live performances, they’re seriously, well, sledgehammering it home.

In the past week, the girls have performed the song both on the MTV EMAs livecast from Miami on Sunday, as well as Good Morning America early this AM. And, in both instances, they’ve done their Proper Girl Group duty.

First of all, the hair flips. So many hair flips throughout And dedication to the hair flip, too: These aren’t half-hearted flicks of the head at all. They’re flipping. Their goddamn. Hair. (Britney would surely approve. Maybe.)

Also, choreography! Not just walk-pose-turn choreography, either: They’re thrusting their microphone stands, doing some bend-and-snaps and providing ample armography along the way.

Of course, we all know 5H wouldn’t be anywhere without their vocals on fleek, so it’s no surprise that they’re delivering on that front. Those ending notes, between Queen Camila‘s runs and Queen Ally belting? Solid.

OH. Also: The outfits. Let me tell you, I’m always here for a coordinated all-black moment. Y’all look hot as ice together, girls!

Basically, they’re ticking all the right boxes. Here’s hoping, seriously, that “Sledgehammer” slaydgehammers its way to the top of the charts. They really do deserve it.

“Sledgehammer” was released on October 28. (iTunes)