Nick Jonas is bae.

Tinashe is bae.

And, more than likely, you’ve had an inappropriate dream about at least one of them. (But probably both.)

Their mutual deliciousness has evidently not gone unnoticed by label heads, because the two talented acts have just come together like glorious fan-fiction come to life in order to get 2 On — in the form of a remix of Nick’s killer ode to thirsty bitches, “Jealous.”

And it’s utterly perfect.

The Aquarius diva’s melodic voice fits like silky-smooth heaven on top of Nick’s funky falsetto jam as she adds her signature swagger to the song. “The struggle’s always real/Girls be stepping in my space, all up in your face/How’m I supposed to feel?!” she coos. Also, those runs at the end! “Jealous baby, jealous baby…JEALOUS!Gulp.


For now, there’s a high quality preview from Nick’s Twitter up top, and a low quality 99.7 FM radio rip down below. The full version will be released tomorrow. UPDATE: It’s here, and…UNFFFFF.

Nick J…Tinashe…it’s the remix.

Someone get me a fan.


‘Nick Jonas’ will be released on November 10. (iTunes)