Ke$ha has been, as we say in the industry, “going through it.”

As you’ve likely already seen and heard, the glitter-pop princess has spent the bulk of 2014 in rehab alongside her mother, healing themselves amid nasty allegations of Dr. Luke‘s verbally abusive relationship with the Animal songstress. (And yes, there’s that whole #FREEKESHA movement regarding her music, too.)


Her Twitter handle, up until just yesterday, was always @keshasuxx.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.50.55 AM

It is now @kesharose.

What kind of subtle reinvention tactic is this?


Is this a small step toward learning to love herself by removing any trace of negativity from her life? Or is this just the quiet beginning of Kesha Rose, Kuntry Queen?


Or, since Kesha Rose is Ke$ha’s real name, perhaps it’s just a term of endearment and #SomethingMorePersonal, a la Britney Jean? (Godney‘s impact truly knows no bounds.)

No one can be sure just yet. Most importantly, I can’t wait for the return of a happy, healthy K$.