Get your two’s up and pay attention: Tinashe is the motherfucking past, present and future.

Each and every time Slaynashe hits the stage on live TV (and also everywhere), she delivers the very epitome of what a pop star performance should look like, from her stellar late night moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live to her (wild)fiya hot surprise cameo during Nick Jonas‘ “Jealous” performance on 106 & Park. (Bae overload. Still recovering.)

And tonight, the Aquarius goddess proved exactly why she is truly this year’s next best thing by giving us a medley of “Pretend” and “2 On” on the BET Soul Train Awards. And yes: She really did the damn thing yet again.

Kicking off with a few fierce punches and hair flips (honestly? already sold), Tinashe gave the crowd a lil’ taste of her melodic vocals with her moody electro-R&B ballad. 

But nothing could possibly prepare us for what would soon come next.







With no time to waste, Tinashe turned her boss level up into overdrive, strutting her stuff toward the crowd and busting out a show-stopping, gasp-inducing dance breakdown to a ’90’s House-leaning “Pretend” remix (UPDATE: it’s the Dave Aude remix!), utterly demolishing the stage.

And that’s not even all: After a quick spoken word interlude pulled from “Cold Sweat” (the message of which is, essentially, “bye haters”), the rising diva appeared on a lit stage and dove straight into a slick, spot-on performance of “2 On.”

The moves? Effortless. The star wattage? Endless. The sex appeal? Oozing. The girl? Winning.

‘Aquarius’ was released on October 7. (iTunes)